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TheSide offers fast, secure, reliable and contemporary fully responsive website designing for you or your company. We offer a range of packages to suit your needs, individually tailored to give you complete satisfaction. We can host your emails using a standard webmail service or Outlook, and offer a range of premium domain names for sale, rent or lease.

What TheSide Can Offer You

Take a look at our range of services:

Website designing has changed in recent years with the advent of smartphones and tablets. For websites to be accessible to everyone, the design needs to take into account the different devices that may be used to view the website. With more people accessing the internet using smartphones and tablets, the old days of designing websites for desktop computers and laptops has evolved. Now, websites need to be responsiove to the various devices. At TheSide, we design all of our websites with that in mind, creating truly responsive websites that are accessible and viewable on all devices.

If you would like a quote for a new website, or a re-design of your current website, then please get in touch using our contact form giving us a brief explanation of your requirements. We will get back in touch to discuss the details with you. Fully responsive websites start from £2,500.

When you choose a provider to host your website, there are three important aspects of hosting you must consider: 1. Is the hosting server fast enough for my website? 2. Is the hosting server secure enough for my website? 3. Is the hosting server reliable enough for my website.

TheSide has state of the art UK based hosting servers and we can answer yes to all three questions. We offer both Linux and Windows servers depending on your requirements.

If you would like a quote for website hosting, please get in touch using our online contact form and give us a brief summary of your requirements. We will get back in touch and discuss further. Hosting plans start from £800 per year.

TheSide offers email hosting, allowing you to access your email from anywhere using your choice of computer, smartphone or tablet. Our email technology gives you full control over how you receive and manage your email.

With a choice of standard email hosting, including webmail access, and Outlook email hosting, there is a plan to suit your requirements.

For more information on our email hosting plans, get in touch using our online form. We will get right back in touch to discuss your needs. Email hosting packages start from £400 per year.

At TheSide, we understand that website security is paramount. Protecting your data is essential. TheSide offers a range of SSL certificates allowing you and your visitors to safely and securely login to your website, purchase from your website and store their personal data on your website .

All of our SSL certificates are globally recognised. To find our more, contact us using our online contact form for more information. SSL certificates start from £250 per year.

Fed up spelling our your website address to people? Is your domain name just a little bit too long for users to remember? Is your website name not quite reflecting the content of your website? Then why not take a look at our premium domain names.

TheSide has a range of premium domain names that are for sale, rent or lease. These include highly sought after three character domain names and premium keyword domain names. Take a look at our available domain names now, but hurry, they go quickly.

Why choose TheSide?

  • Fully responsive website designs so your content will always look good on any screen size
  • Fast, secure and reliable website and email servers
  • A choice of email hosting options
  • Fantastic range of premium domain names to buy, rent or lease
  • Because we have great feedback from our clients

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